Ofir Pele


Algorithm and Software Developer at NVIDIA

Email: ofirpele@gmail.com

Publications and Code

* Nested Barycentric Coordinate System as an Explicit Feature Map
Lee-Ad Gottlieb, Eran Kaufman, Aryeh Kontorovich, Gabriel Nivasch, Ofir Pele
International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics 2021
* Improving Blood Glucose Level Predictability using Machine Learning
Roy Eldor, Mariana Yaron, Sigal Shaklai, Maya Ish-Shalom, Gabi Shefer, Naftali Stern, Nehor Golan, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele, Mira Gonen
Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, 2020
* A Fair Server Adaptation Algorithm for HTTP Adaptive Streaming using Video Complexity
Ran Dubin, Rafi Shalala, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele, Ofer Hadar
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2019
* From Internet Swear Words to Stadium Violence in Football (Soccer) Games - An Israeli Case Study
Uzi Ben Shalom, Amit Dvir, Moshe Levy, Moti Zwilling, Eithan Orkibi, Nadav Gabay, Ofir Pele
International Review for the Sociology of Sport 2019
* Video Quality Representation Classification of Encrypted HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming
Ran Dubin, Ofer Hadar, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele
KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 2018
* I Know What You Saw Last Minute - Encrypted HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming Title Classification
Ran Dubin, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele, Ofer Hadar
TIFS 2017 [pdfbibtex ]
* Analyzing HTTPS Encrypted Traffic to Identify User Operating System, Browser and Application
Jonathan Muehlstein, Yehonatan Zion, Maor Bahumi, Itay Kirshenboim, Ran Dubin, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele
CCNC HC 2017 [pdfbibtex ]
* Robust Machine Learning for Encrypted Traffic Classification
Amit Dvir, Yehonatan Zion, Jonathan Muehlstein, Ofir Pele, Chen Hajaj, Ran Dubin
arXiv 2016 [pdfbibtex ]
* Interpolated Discretized Embedding of Single Vectors and Vector Pairs for Classification, Metric Learning and Distance Approximation
Ofir Pele, Yakir Ben-Aliz
arXiv 2016 [pdfbibtex code ID Metric learning code by Eitam Kav-Venaki ]
* I Know What You Saw Last Minute - The Chrome Browser Case
Ran Dubin, Ofir Pele, Amit Dvir, Ofer Hadar
BlackHat 2016 [pdfbibtexpdf Hebrew ]
* Video Quality Representation Classification of Safari Encrypted DASH Streams
Ran Dubin, Ofer Hadar, Itay Richman, Ofir Trabelsi, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele
DMIAF 2016 [pdfbibtex ]
* Adaptation Logic for HTTP Dynamic Adaptive Streaming using Geo-Predictive Crowdsourcing for Mobile Users
Ran Dubin, Amit Dvir, Ofir Pele, Ofer Hadar, Itay Katz, Ori Mashiach
MS 2016 [pdfbibtex ]
* The Tangent Earth Mover's Distance
Ofir Pele, Ben Taskar
GSI 2013, Oral [pdfbibtex code]
* The Pairwise Piecewise-Linear Embedding for Efficient Non-Linear Classification
Ofir Pele, Ben Taskar, Amir Globerson, Michael Werman
ICML 2013 [pdfbibtex code,   movie]
* Improving Perceptual Color Difference using Basic Color Terms
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
arXiv 2012 [pdfbibtex code ]
* Distance Functions: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Ofir Pele
Ph.D. Thesis 2011 (includes a new non-linear, non-Mahalanobis metric learning method in chapter 5) [pdfbibtex ]
* Spectral-Based 2D/3D X-ray to CT Image Rigid Registration
Moti Freiman, Ofir Pele, Aviv Hurvitz, Michael Werman, Leo Joskowicz
SPIE 2011 [pdfbibtex ]
* The Quadratic-Chi Histogram Distance Family
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ECCV 2010 [pdfbibtex code]
* Fast and Robust Earth Mover's Distances
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ICCV 2009 [pdfbibtex code poster & data & additional results]
* A Linear Time Histogram Metric for Improved SIFT Matching
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ECCV 2008 [pdfbibtex code SiftDist code EMD_MOD additional results ]
* Robust Real Time Pattern Matching using Bayesian Sequential Hypothesis Testing
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
PAMI 2008 [pdfbibtex code (Alg. 5 clean code) code (all code) presentation images ]
* Accelerating Pattern Matching or How Much Can You Slide?
Ofir Pele, Michael Werman
ACCV 2007 [pdfbibtex]


2020   Style and good practices in programming
2013-2017   Computer vision, image processing and computational photography
2013-2017   Memory and data structures in C++
2014-2017   Introduction to computers and the C language
2014-2015   Introduction to programming in C++
2013-2014   Introduction to object oriented programming
2010   ECCV 2010 Tutorial: distance functions and metric learning [pdfpptx]
2005-2010   Programming workshops in C and C++